Two day Shakespeare Workshops  

by Colin David Reese

Shakespearean verse presents many problems for actors both in comprehension and performance.  By the application of a few simple techniques, the actor can make the verse work for him/her. 

The techniques that will be acquired in these workshops include:

Textual and verse analysis with a relation to performance; 
Corporal control and expression;

Over 2 days the participants will study and practice these techniques, applying them to scenes and monologues, individually and in small groups. 

The participants will be directed and guided through the process, learning how to use the verse to develop characterisation.  The verse gives many indications of how to create character and the workshops will show how to use it.  By referring to The First Folio for a return to the original texts and avoiding the literary and intellectual baggage that has accumulated over the centuries, the workshops combine the theatrical techniques of Jacques Lecoq with a practical approach to interpretation.

A copy of a facsimile of the First Folio will be available for perusal, to indicate how various editors have in many instances changed the format of the verse, thereby hiding from modern readers the original intentions. 

Colin David Reese has been an actor and director for over 40 years, working in the UK, Canada and France.   Over the course of his career he has worked with such names as Sir John Gielgud, Alan Bennet, Paul Eddington, Nigel Hawthorne, Sophie Marceau, Lauren Bacall, Harold Pinter …. 

His first training was at The Webber Douglas Academy, followed by two years with Jacques Lecoq in Paris.  He has attended many workshops on Shakespeare including “Is Shakespeare Still our Contemporary?” with Jan Kott and “Original Shakespeare” with Patrick Tucker.

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