A 40-minute play about bullying, aimed at 8 to 14 year olds.

Shakespear Actor

Author’s note :

The issues raised in this play and the way they are discussed are intentionally provocative and contentious.  
The aim of the production is to stimulate discussion concerning the problem of bullying rather than to provide solutions.  
One of the major difficulties concerning bullying is the Omerta or Law of Silence which often surrounds it and this play is intended to assist teachers and other professionals working with young people in launching a debate on the subject. 

The Characters :

X            Social worker type. A woman around 45, she has studied all the available documentation on bullying but has no direct experience of the subject.

Z             Council employee.   A young man, tall and very athletic, he is the paragon of masculinity and intelligent if not particularly well educated.

P             Council employee.  A young man, short and a clown type.


The Plot :

A conference on bullying has been organised and the lecturer starts to deliver her speech.  Suddenly two council employees arrive on stage behind her and start installing a table and chairs.  She tries to continue her speech but is constantly interrupted by the two men with their observations and stories. 

The conflict between the two ways of looking at the problem, those of generation and social background lead to discussion and sometimes misunderstandings. 

Between the theory and the practical experience, eventually they come to an agreement on the principle of social responsibility.

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