Acting Coach


“Acting is not reality,  acting is the illusion of reality”  -  Jacques Lecoq.

Each one of us is a creative being.  When an actor takes on a role s/he must address 5 questions.
- Who?
- Where?
- When?
- Why?
- How?

In trying to find the answers to these questions, the actor creates the character of the person he is interpreting; the emotions that the character feels and the different elements of his universe. 

An actor’s craft means being open to these elements (the other actors, the text, the story, etc.) in order to let them create his acting. 
“Acting is not what you do, acting is what happens”  - Sanford Meisner

As acting coach, I help actors in their research to breathe life into fictional characters, so they can create the illusion.  Continual and scrupulous observation of  each actor’s behavioural signals, breathing and movement in particular, as well as the interactions between them, allows me to use my experience to guide them towards a technique which is both personal and practical.  No two actors are alike and the purpose is for the actor to be able to function in a creative way.

The workshops that I run are based upon my 40 years of experience working with some of the most extraordinary talents (both famous and not so famous) in the theatre and on screen, combined with a knowledge of the techniques from Jacques Lecoq, Sanford Meisner and Stanislavski. 

During the workshops we study:

            Text analysis
Movement analysis
Character development
Acting technique (timing etc.)

The techniques employed come from my directing experience and are based on the techniques acquired during my different trainings.

I am not interested in an actor’s personal psychology but in their acting and creative capacities.  With me the actor will find his or her own personal technique which is functional. 

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